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Organize in style with our artisan-crafted baskets

Let’s get organized

Sizes & shapes to keep things tidy

Shoppers & Totes

The just right size to carry all you need

Handcrafted Tabletop

Add texture to your table with our Placemat & Coaster sets

Will & Atlas

Our passion is for well crafted objects of all kinds. Our unique combination of fair trade and handcrafted traditions offer a modern aesthetic of artisanal home goods & accessories. We believe in quality over quantity – that items crafted to last for generations transcend trends and are worth the investment.

Our Shoppers & Totes

Meet your sustainability goals
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Keeping Things Perfectly Tidy

Available in short or tall sizes
ShoP NOw
Chic Shopper

Chelsea Market Shopper

Our Chelsea Market Shopper reflects minimalist design, with lovely, handcrafted details. Available in two sizes: original and wide.

A Trio of

Stylish Storage

Our trio of round jute baskets brings style to your all your storage needs.

Quality Over Quantity

Our Passion

From the skill of the Fair Trade artisans to the timeless craftsmanship of French Antiques...

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