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Will & Atlas combines handcrafted traditions with
a modern aesthetic to create fair trade, artisanal home goods & accessories.


Will & Atlas was born from our love of, and lifelong quest for,
quality handmade objects. Items that spark familiarity at first
sight. The painting that makes you smile every time you pass, the
basket that fits “just so” next to your favorite chair, the magic
tote bag that always seems to hold everything you need... these
are the items we seek, procure, and offer to you.
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Our passion is for well made objects of all kinds. From the skill of the fair trade artisans to the timeless craftsmanship of French antiques... every piece we offer was made by human hands & has a story behind it.

We believe in quality over quantity. We believe that items crafted to last for generations transcend trends and are worth the investment.

We work with artisans, makers, and buyers around the globe to bring you goods of the finest quality and craftsmanship—from the fair trade artisan groups we work with in Bangladesh to craftspeople in the U.S. to the sellers we meet while scouring early-morning brocantes in the streets of Paris. We take our time to build relationships and procure goods that are unique, timeless, and beautiful.

The Harvest round jumbo woven bowl is handcrafted from hogla grass, an aquatic plant. Woven together, it creates a design that's both lightweight and strong, with layers of natural texture and tone.


Working throughout several regions of Bangladesh our main artisan partners are local non-governmental organizations (NGO/nonprofit) that were established in the 1980's and partner directly with women artists. Through this strong network, they provide women across the country with childcare, schooling, medical care, financial management training and micro loans to expand their own earning potential. These organizations not only care about the production of quality products but their top priority is supporting the women, their families and their communities at large. It’s true every day, with every artisan and with every product.

Just like our artisans who can do their work from their homes, this work allows me to be here raising my boys as I earn a living. I still work long, hard hours, but they are hours I (mostly) get to choose. That flexibility is so important for quality of life. By representing products made by Artisans who are treated well & paid fairly, our quality of life is tied to a much bigger circle of equity & respect. It is our goal to provide ongoing orders to support this amazing network. 

Our values

We are like you. When we buy something we want to know its high quality and from a trusted source as well as beautifully made. We want to know that the choices we make matter—and may even change the world. We are also just like the women of Bangladesh in that we want the same thing in this life- a safe and healthy place for our children and a day full of meaningful work. This is ethical living and the ultimate value of fair trade.

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