Aside from purchasing Fair Trade products there are many ways that you can contribute to the global Fair Trade movement!

In the United States there are several organizations working to expand the Fair Trade movement.  A great place to start is Fairtrade AmericaThey are active on Facebook & Twitter with up to date news & information about how to get involved, as well as where to find Fair Trade products.

Fair Trade USA is another great organization working hard to bring Fair Trade goods to the US market and promote the values that underlie the movement.

Advocates and volunteers play an important and vital part in building awareness of Fair Trade at a local level.  Can you encourage your university, school, workplace or faith group to become a Fair Trade Community? 

Globally, the World Fair Trade Organization is also a member-driven non-profit organisation. Membership of the WFTO is limited to organisations that demonstrate a 100% Fair Trade commitment and apply the 10 Principles of Fair Trade. Their website is an excellent resource of global producers, traders, networks and events.

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